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Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Labor Day-Executive Offices Closed (All day)

WAAR & WMLS Executive Offices Closed

The Charisma Edge: How to Make Your Videos, Talks and Conversations More Persuasive (Wed. 19 Aug, 2020 9:30 am - 11:00 am)

Why should you improve your charisma? Because a charismatic presenter who makes mistakes will outsell a boring presenter who makes none! Charisma is your innate power to attract, engage and influence people. In this class, you will discover 13 proven communication strategies to improve your charisma when speaking live, whether in front of one person, to a group of people, or on camera.


This class is not approved for education credits.


 Other classes offered by Kevin -

  1. Wednesday, July 22               9:30 – 11         How to Use Video to Grow Your Real Estate Business
  2. Wednesday, August 19          9:30 – 11         The Charisma Edge:  How to Make Your Videos, Talks and Conversations More Persuasive
  3. Wednesday, September 23    9:30 – 11         Time Blocking – Learn How to Control Your Day Like The Top 1% in Real Estate Do!
  4. Wednesday, October  21        9:30 – 11         How to Farm Your Database for Referrals
  5. Wednesday, November 18     9:30 – 11         Facebook Ads, Past Database & Referral Partners
  6. Wednesday, December 9       9:30 – 11         How to Use #Instagram to Get More #Leads

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